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Just Between Sisters 2016 Ladies' Conference

Our entire table was enchanted by Susan. She was beyond amazing. Bless her for the gift she has and thank I thank her for sharing it with all of us. ~ Debbie Newberry

Susan would love to hear from you. Please use the contact form to ask about school visits, speaking engagements or to just say, "Hi."



Inspirational Speaking Topics:

It's All in the Attitude


Writing Speaking Topics:

How to not Get Published: Publishing Basics

Inspirational Writing: Keeping It Real



Wordwrights 2017 Writer's Conference

We all have ideas for books. Susan York Meyers provided us with step-by-step information on how to take our ideas and turn them into published books. In addition, she enlightened us about marketing. Meyers speaks from experience and imparts the information in an accommodating manner. ~ Donna Le, Vice-President of Wordwrights OKC Christian Writers

I want to thank you so much for your generous time and the education which you gave to us on the 9th of September at the Wordwrights Workshop at Yonderland.  This was my first ever workshop about writing, and it was such a perfect setting to not only listen to what you had to teach us, but to be around so many other writers eager to hear what you had to say.

While you were talking to us, one of the themes that seemed to jump out at me was ‘be professional’, write ‘correctly’ (make sure that what I am writing is not only professional looking, but actually correct! (Like do not miss-quote Scripture!) Look things up, research, and get my work ‘edited’!

I really took to heart what you said about style. About being consistent in my writing. Who you are, who you be? To have a consistent persona. I left the Wordwrights retreat and came home to get to work. I finished and published a little devotional book, created social media accounts and look at them throughout each day adding and posting about the new book. I had the book edited and re-edited. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wealth of knowledge and spending the day with us. Thank you so very much! ~ Donna Sue Berry

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