Annabelle Verline Kingston


Oh, my, I'm not sure how to talk about myself.  Really, what woud anyone want to know about me? Let's see, I teach the Naomi/Ruth class at church. I do think it's important for us older women to be involved with the younger ones, don't you? If for no other reason than they keep us young! And, I take such delight in my two little next door neighbors, Carly and Charlotte. I'll tell you a secret, I even make mud pies with them. Did you know you're never too old to make mud pies? It embarrasses my sister, Lillybelle, something awful, but then, a lot embarrasses Lillybelle. There was the time we accidently led a parade... Oh, but I'm rambling.


Now, you wanted to know about me. Let's see, I'm regionally famous for my ginger cookies. They're very moist, not hard and brittle like some you can buy. They go great with hot spiced tea.


What's my life's philosophy? I would like to firmly state that one doesn't have to grow old unless she wants to, but everyone knows that's not quite true. Still, being old and acting old are two different birds. In spite of my arthritis, I still enjoy yoga. I started doing yoga when my sweet Albert was ill. It relaxed my body the way prayer soothed my mind. I lost my Albert almost 10 years ago. I miss him so much. But I know he's waiting for me in Heaven. And I also know he understands that I'm not quite ready to go yet. Neither my Katie or Jessie have given me grandchildren yet. But Lillybelle's always been good about sharing her grandchildren with me.

Well, I have very much enjoyed chatting. I hope you'll visit again soon.




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