About Susan

In addition to being the unofficial biographer for Two Old Ladies, I'm the author of Picture Books, Chapter Books and YA and Poetry. My picture book, Grrr...Night! won the Creative Women of Oklahoma award.

I live in Oklahoma with my hubby, son and a delightful spoiled dog who thinks she's people. If I'm not writing, I'm reading. In my other life, I'm a part-time church secretary, a job I thank God for everyday.

When I was in my young and naive twenties, a friend once told me, "Wait until your forties, everything falls apart." I thought she was nuts. I was wrong. But, it's been a delightful journey, and as I near those wonderful LOL years, I find myself more confident and happy with who I am. I just wish sagging and crows feet weren't part of the trade off! But, one of the best lessons God and growing older has taught me, is every day I create my world. As Lillybelle and Annabelle would say, "It's all in the attitude!"

God Bless,


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